C-Heads Print
Shades of Karla

“It was one of the last hot summer days in Stockholm.” tells photographer Jacek Szopik. “Me and my friend Klara Kassman of Le Management decided to take some pictures in her apartment. Klara is a young, beautiful creative soul. She is painting, drawing and working with sculptures. Her apartment is a real workshop. Every face from her paintings or sculptures is “looking at you… somehow looking into your soul”. A last shaft of summer sunlight was touching our faces and when the sun disappeared we decided to take some black and white photos.” he continues. “Klara loves fashion and art and local Swedish designers. Her artwork and style is very inspiring for me and we had so much fun shooting together.”


Photography: Jacek Szopik @jacekszopik
Model: Klara Kassman/ Le Management @klarakassman
Brands used in editorial: Eytys, Celine, Acne Studios, J Lindeberg, All Blues, Calvin Klein