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Let’s stay in bed all day

“Inspired by the works of Berlin based photographer, Bob Sala, this intimate shoot appropriates his warm and dulcet photography style to a bedroom, somewhere in the city of London.” tells us the Nepalese Australian photographer Nirish Shakya about his recent work. And while everyone else tries to catch each second of the vibrant summer in the city outside, Swiss girl Leonie who visited London, decided to enjoy the summer inside. “Soaking up a careful selection of pop culture magazines and slivers of sunlight that make their way into the room.” Stylist for the shoot was Sophia Katyea Andrews.


Photographer: Nirish Shakya (Instagram: @nizzah, Website: https://nizzah.com)
Model: Leonie Fabienne Probst (Instagram: @leoniiefabienne)
Stylist: Sophia Katyea Andrews (Instagram: @sophiakatyea)