C-Heads Print
Behind Blue Eyes

Brittany came over to my place to shoot. We were both tired, and she and I were both going through some things in our personal lives.” explains LA based photographer Emma Holley about her amazing C-Heads debut. “We talked and decided to channel that and use how we were feeling to create images. We opened a bottle of wine and started creating with no agenda, gathering inspiration from the room and trying out new techniques. Brittany and I have only hung out a few times, but there’s this flow she and I have that just works. We’re so comfortable with each other, like we’ve been friends for years. It turned out to be one of my favorite and most fun shoots I’ve had. Besides her obvious outer beauty, her inner beauty is what separates her from the rest. I could never get tired of shooting her.” Oh yes!

Photographer: Emma Holley @emmabella_
Model: Brittany Hoffner @Brittanyhoffner
Styled by Emma Holley and Brittany Hoffner