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Telling a Story – The world of photographer Radoslaw Pujan

All eyes on Polish photographer Radoslaw Pujan whose work seems like from another time, telling intense stories and is made for eternity.

“Born in Poland in 1978. Graduated at Poznan Polytechnique in Poland in 2002. Currently living in Belgium. I am a self-taught photographer working in analog photography of all kinds, always experimenting and trying new techniques.

More making than taking photos, I enjoy both the process of preparing a photograph, and the moment when its final shape is revealed. When composing an image all details are important, but above all, I hold the emotion that is conveyed.

While making images, I focus on the story I want to reveal, emotions of depicted person(s), details and composition – to make photography easy to read and at the same time appealing and keeping the viewer´s attention for a longer time. By showing one single frame without giving the whole context, I would like to invite the observer to create their own imagined stories.

I work mainly with medium format cameras, sporadically with large format, and recently with 35mm. Playing with different forms, and materials, experimenting, to get interesting and unique results.”

Radoslaw is also about to release his first hardcover book – more infos here.